A Fun Family Adventure That Will Deepen Relationships

Similar to Beginners classes, our Family Bonding classes are also suited for those who are six years old to adults. Here, we promote family bonding and strengthening the unity in a family. There is a certain profound significance when a family embarks on something new together for the first time. In every class, you get to know each family member even more and witness them as they strive to learn new skills. 

Build Family Memories While Having Fun Along the Way

In every class at MACE, parents and children will gain a deeper understanding of each family member. As parents or as children, you will be able to empathize more with your family members and learn to be more patient with them. Life-long loyalty and trust will be strengthened along the way. As you continue, you will appreciate not only these classes but also the value of time, love, and family support.

Program Instructors