Little Steps Go a Long Way for Our Little Commandos

The ages of 4 to 7 years old are crucial to the development of your child. This is where they start developing habits that they can bring with them until they grow into early teens, to young adults, up until they fully mature. This is why starting them early through our classes is the little step but deeply significant one that we encourage parents to do for their kids.

Our MACE Award-Winning Program Has Everything Your Child Needs

Our renowned program is more than just the techniques of punching, kicking, or any other exercise. It goes beyond those - it teaches them the essential life skills they will need, such as respect, discipline, kindness, and focus, among others. We want our students to be strong children but also sensitive and kind to those who are being bullied or harassed. Start your journey with us! We welcome 19 classes a week just for this program. 

Program Instructors